OJMD Dropshipping New Requirement Adjustment

OJMD dropshipping requirement is One of the things needed to dropship with OJMD is completing the dropshipping requirements. We do ask for this for various reasons and one of them is identity theft. We have had issues in our past eCom buddy with people using other people identity to verify their accounts. That is why […]

OJMD Dropshipping New Fees For 2021

OJMD Dropshipping’s goal is to enable more Filipino entrepreneurs to start an online business without any much hassle. 2020 is almost ending and we are so grateful for everyone who has been with us throughout the year as we continue to grow. It is our tradition to continue finding ways for us to improve and […]

What Products Can You Dropship With OJMD?

Our OJMD Dropshipping Products Catalog has always been something everyone wants to see. Dropshipping remains one of the easiest ways to sell online and lots of people are interested in it. Our dropshipping service is one of the popular dropshipping services in the Philippines and a lot of people are curious to see what products […]

OJMD Messenger Dropshipping With No Website

OJMD messenger dropshipping

OJMD plans to open slots for messenger dropshipping for its clients or new clients. What is messenger dropshipping?. Until now, OJMD drop shippers or those who desire to dropship using OJMD services will have to meet the requirements and one of them is having an online store. However, we are moving to change that option […]

New Update For OJMD Dropshipping Clients

ojmd in app notification

We are always working every day to improve our systems for our drop shippers. We are in the peak season and transparency and information are really important for every store owner during this time. We have now launched a new update for our users, This should be visible for all drop shippers already. It is […]

How To Avoid Orders From ODZ Areas

ODZ means out of the delivery zone and while this is not a common case, there are still cases of ODZ when we ship our orders. In this post, I will show you how you can avoid that or at least try to avoid it using Shopify’s new feature. At this point, I am sure […]

How The New $30.00 Affect Existing Subscribers

ojmd new fee

If you are a current subscriber of the OJMD app you must have known that we announced fee changes last October 31, 2020, which took effect on November 1, 2020. If you did not see that update, You can check the announcement here. Now, for the existing users, When you open the OJMD APP, you […]

New Subscription Fee For Shopify & WooCommerce

OJMD is making drastic changes to its systems as time goes on as we want to serve you better and better every day. OJMD recently released its WP plugin for WooCommerce entrepreneurs and has been met with overwhelming applications. We have decided to show our gratitude by cutting down our fees for these platforms. Hence, […]

New OJMD Fees Starting November 1, 2020

Here at OJMD, we appreciate your patronage and we are always looking for ways to continue helping and making things easy for you as we grow together. 2 months into Vibranium, we have received awesome support and we have decided to make some changes to make things easy for all. Starting with our fees. So […]

OJMD Set To Launch WooCommerce Plugin

OJMD is set to launch the first local dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. This comes almost 2 months after launching the first Shopify local dropshipping app for the Philippines back on September 1, 2020. Why WooCommerce? Well, In 2020, over 455 million websites use WordPress.com. That means that the WordPress market share is 35% of all websites in the […]