What Is The OJMD Dropshipping Package?


If you follow OJMD across the social media you might have come across one of our posts about a dropshipping package. You might be wondering, What is it? Is it worth it? Is it for me?

This post aims to explain what our package is and the inclusions. If you are considering buying a store package from OJMD, we will explain its contents and what to expect when or before buying this package.

What is Dropshipping?

It is a simple business model where you can launch an online business without the need of buying stocks, setting up a warehouse of even shipping the item In fact you do not even see what you sell. When someone buys from your store, the supplier or dropshipping supplier will pack the item and send it to your customer on your behalf! That is how the dropshipping business model works

OJMD Dropshipping Package

The package is a service we offer to new clients who wish to start their dropshipping business with OJMD. In this package, We set up everything for you, We build the stores, add the products, and set up all the necessary settings that need to be done.

Who Is It For?

This package is basically for you if you have no technical background and would love to have a dropshipping business setup for you while you sleep. Everything is done for you and transferred to you. From building the store, products, and even a FB course. So if you are a beginner and want to get started real quick. Then this might be an option.

What Is Included In The Package.

Before buying something it is good to know what is included right? So here are the inclusions of our dropshipping package.

๐Ÿš€Complete Local Drop-shipping Shopify Store
๐Ÿš€15 Well Researched Products Listed
๐Ÿš€Cash On Delivery
๐Ÿš€OJMD Dropshipping Vibranium 3.0 - App Will Be installed
๐Ÿš€Necessary Apps Installed
๐Ÿš€FREE .com Domain [ 1 Year ] via OJMD Hosting
๐Ÿš€Logo - Website Logo, FB Page Logo, Cover Photo
๐Ÿš€OJMD Vibranium Free Subscription- 1 Month
๐Ÿš€Forever Website Support [ Shopify Store Only ]
๐Ÿš€Private FB Group
๐Ÿš€Facebook Ads Blast 2020 Course [ OPTIONAL ]
๐Ÿš€24/7 Dedicated Support
๐Ÿš€About us page
๐Ÿš€Contact Page
๐Ÿš€TOS Page
๐Ÿš€Privacy Pageย 

Worth it? you can be the judge of that. The new thing about our dropshipping package is that it now comes with a complete Facebook ads course from beginner to expert for free included in this package. This is the deal-breaker.

Now is it necessary to get the package? NO. This package is not a requirement. In fact, you can build your own store with our free guide at OJMD University if you click this link: https://www.ojmduniversity.com/courses/ecom-gatewayx-2020-local

Now you might be contemplating on what next to do and you may be asking some questions about this. Here are some FAQs and the answers to them

  1. How much is the package: The package is worth from PHP14,999. Please see this link: https://www.ojmdsolutions.com/shop
  2. Is it a one-time payment – Yes, you only pay once
  3. Do I own the store? – Yes, we transfer the ownership 100%
  4. Can I sell my own items? – Yes, we don’t have control over what you want to sell
  5. Can I use OJMD dropshipping? – Yes, Automatic approval
  6. How long does the package take? – We deliver the package in 20 – 25 days
  7. Who pays for the Shopify subscription? You will pay for that. Please see more information at https://www.shopify.com.ph/pricing
  8. Can i edit my store or change anything? – Yes, once transferred, You have full ownership.
  9. How long is the ROI? – You can get back your investment in a month if you follow the course diligently
  10. What other fees are included? – If you will use OJMD drop shipping, Please see other fees here: https://dropshipojmd.com/2020/08/24/ojmd-dropshipping-fees-charges/
  11. Do I need capital? – Yes, you do because you will be spending some money on Facebook ads to generate sales.

Do you have more questions about our dropshipping package? Leave a comment below.

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20 Responses

  1. Hello what about the supplier is not from the list of shopify supplier products like AliExpress or orbelo? How can this one works? Do the supplier needs to be registered on AliExpress?

  2. is the package includes facebook page and business manager account. Because I having problem to create new BM because my BM was flagged recently.

  3. I already create a shopify store. Can your team edit that one and improve (logos, themes, content etc.)?
    What do you mean by 15 product? Is that 15 product to be integrated to my dropshipping store?
    If so, do we choose the product that we might used?

    1. Hi
      Yes we can edit it

      – 15 products will be listed for you [ you will choose the categories ] this is just to populate your store. You can import more once you install vibranium

  4. Good day, regarding shopify subscription, whose info/credentials are you going to use?

    1. Hi
      We will not be subscribing to Shopify. Once the store is transferred to you. You will be asked to subscribe to Shopify

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