How The New $30.00 Affect Existing Subscribers

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If you are a current subscriber of the OJMD app you must have known that we announced fee changes last October 31, 2020, which took effect on November 1, 2020. If you did not see that update, You can check the announcement here.

Now, for the existing users, When you open the OJMD APP, you will be prompted with a screen block to subscribe to the $30 plan. This might put you off and you will be wondering why do you have to pay for another $30 while you already paid for a $39.99 subscription. Do not worry that is not the case.

The point is that Shopify will not charge you a new $30 for the plan. Shopify will initiate what is called app credits. Shopify will calculate how much you have used out of the $39.99 and then it will refund the rest to what is called “app credits”. We checked our payout from Shopify and it was clearly deducted from us.

So as you can see from the screenshot above, Anyone who changed will get a refund of the remaining usage as credits. How can you find this credit? You can find it by going to your Shopify admin. Settings > Billing

This is how Shopify will handle it. The app credits will be used anytime you install a paid app or if you want to use it in next subscriotion.

If you have questions about this, You can contact our support.

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