How To Update Tracking Numbers After Fulfillment


Fulfilling orders using OJMD Vibranium is easy! It is almost similar to Oberlo with few button clicks you send out tracking numbers to your customer. As we know, OJMD Vibranium uses an SCI algorithm [ Smart Courier Intelligence ]. What does this do? Since we are partnered with various couriers we choose the best courier depending on the delivery location. Now, there are cases where we might have a problem with delivery and automatically switch couriers.

Now, as soon as we switch couriers, that means that the tracking number you sent to your customer after fulfilling their order is now invalid. This is why we have introduced a feature that can let you update your tracking number. Once we change the tracking numbers, an email will be sent to you that there is now a change in the tracking number. The email will look exactly as the screenshot below:

Now, all you have to do is to log in your dashboard and update your tracking. You can do this from the fulfilled orders dashboard. Open your dashboard, Go to the fulfilled orders, and filter by dates if you do not see it on the list. Once you find the order that has been updated, You will find an “update tracking” button right beside it. You may now click the button and our system will automatically edit the tracking number on Shopify and sent update email or text to your customers. See the screenshot below:

Now after clicking this, You can refresh the page and click on view order to see the order on Shopify. To confirm if changes were made, You can check the order timeline and you will notice that OJMD has sent a tracking update to the customer. See the screenshot below:

That is all! Keep an eye on your email because we communicate with all of our dropshippers mostly via email and the announcement tabs on the app!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

How to fulfill orders using OJMD Dropshipping 3.0 system? Here is a video that will show you how:

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