Do This Before Migrating To Vibranium


Our launch of the Vibranium is close and as of writing this blog post, Shopify has completed the review of our app and we are awaiting final news before fully migrating.

Right now, current dropshippers are using the old Ecom product buddy app and as we know, the app is nearing its final stages of existence. If your plan is to continue using OJMD dropshipping service or you plan to use the new vibranium powered app but you have installed eCom product buddy app in your store, Please do the following to make sure you will not have any problems in the new app

  1. Remove Custom Fulfillment Service: The first step is to remove the custom fulfillment settings. This will not hurt you in any way.. It will not stop your usage of the current app or affect your order extraction. So how do you remove this? First, head over to settings > shipping and delivery as shown in the screenshot below:

Now, once you have clicked on the shipping and delivery. Scroll down to the last part of the page and look for courier accounts and fulfillment services. Once you find this. Click on “manage integration” as shown in the screenshot below:

Once you click on “manage integrations” a new page will open. You should see OJMD fulfillment service or OJMD dropshipping. Click on “edit” and a pop up will appear. Now you can click on “Delete” and remove OJMD custom fulfillment service. Please see screenshot for more details:

2. Uninstall The Ecom Product Buddy App:  If you are going to use OJMD. Please make sure that you have removed the eCom product buddy app from your store to avoid conflicts once you are approved on Vibranium. 

3. Uninstall Mass Fulfill: OJMD no longer needs MassFulfilll app to function. We advise you to remove this app as well before importing or installing the OJMD Vibranium 3.0 App.

That is all you need to do for now! This is a harmless setting. Rest assured nothing will happen to your current app or fulfillment. Everything is normal. We have upgraded our service that we do not need this anymore.

Conclusion: I will advise it is best you pause your ads for now because eCom product buddy is being decommissioned. It is best to get approved for Vibranium first before continuing your ads. 

If you have questions, Please leave them in the comment section!

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10 Responses

  1. How/When will I know if I was included on the first batch of the users of the new Vibranium app?? I would like to confirm first before doing anything with my current settings.

      1. Thanks Sir Odera! Hopefully, I’ll be one of those who will be the user of the new system. I’m really waiting and looking forward for this.. Thank you very much..

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