New OJMD Fees Starting November 1, 2020


Here at OJMD, we appreciate your patronage and we are always looking for ways to continue helping and making things easy for you as we grow together. 2 months into Vibranium, we have received awesome support and we have decided to make some changes to make things easy for all. Starting with our fees. So what are the changes?

  1. Product Cost Fee: Since the enforcement of BIR, we started charging VAT on product costs to all clients. We understand the change came as a surprise to all and thank you for complying with the terms. However, we have discussed with our finance team and we found out that we can ease things for our clients without having to break any taxation rules. Hence, Starting November 1, 2020. OJMD will no longer charge PRODUCT COST + 12% VAT. You will ONLY be charged product cost as it appears on the VIbranium app.
  2. Insurance FEE: Right now, our insurance fee is 1% or PHP50 – Whichever is higher. We have also made changes to that as well. Starting November 1, 2020. We will charge PHP25 insurance FEE regardless of the price or cost of the sale or cost of goods.
  3. Courier FEE: There are no changes here because we just transfer what is charged by the courier to you
  4. Fulfillment FEE: OJMD will retain the PHP99 fulfillment fee. This fee will be the only fee with the 12% VAT on it.

These are the changes we are making in regards to the fees adjustment we are charging. So in summary.

  • Product Cost – As displayed in the Vibranium app ( No VAT will be charged anymore starting November 1, 2020 )
  • Courier Fees – Fees charged by the courier
  • Fulfillment Fee = ₱99
  • Insurance FEE = ₱25 ( Reduced from ₱50 to ₱25 –
  • Effective November 1, 2020 )
    **12% VAT will be charged only on FULFILLMENT FEE (Starting November 1, 2020)

We are confident this adjustment is fair for everyone. We will continue to work together from here to improve our service and make it affordable to all.

Any comments on the new fees? Let us know in the comments

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