Confirmed: New Shopify Pricing Plan For The Philippines


New Shopify Pricing Plan: Over the past week, Some of the Shopify store owners are receiving emails and telling them that their pricing plan is changing. Some were skeptical about this as to whether it is true or not. The fact is that it is true.

Our inside sources confirmed this change as early as September 2020 but the rollout was pretty slow. However, we can confirm that this has been rolled out to all Shopify stores with the Philippines as their address. Shopify has also updated their Philippines’ website to reflect this change at https://www.shopify.com.ph/pricing.

It is no doubt that Shopify is the go-to platform for building online stores quickly and with the Vast features it is really worth the cost. However, the Philippines are not enjoying the full features of Shopify which is why it was under the $13 plan. So now that the Philippines is now under the global pricing. What do we expect from the $29 plan?

At this time, we cannot say the features that will be added to the Philippine’s new pricing if it will be the same with the other countries. We really hope it does. Other countries enjoy features like:

  • Amazon channel
  • Pinterest channel
  • eBay channel
  • Shopify payments ( although not all )
  • Shopify shipping
  • Rakuten
  • Shop Pay
  • And more…….

Although the pricing is a bit high, we don’t see Shopify losing customers for this. The value speaks for itself but we are expecting more features for the Philippines. Until then, we have no option other than to pay $29 a month to use Shopify.

What are your thoughts on the new plan? What features will you like to see?

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