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OJMD is making drastic changes to its systems as time goes on as we want to serve you better and better every day. OJMD recently released its WP plugin for WooCommerce entrepreneurs and has been met with overwhelming applications. We have decided to show our gratitude by cutting down our fees for these platforms.

Hence, starting November 1, 2020. OJMD will reduce WooCommerce and Shopify app Subscription fees to $30 or roughly PHP1,490. When OJMD launched for the first time with the now decommissioned eCom Product Buddy. Our subscription fee at that time was also PHP1,500 before we went to PHP750 and back to PHP1,500.

We see this change, we are confident that both WooCommerce and Shopify users will be happy everyone is treated with equal subscription fee and that there is no special treatment for one platform over another.

How will this change affect existing Shopify dropshippers? For those who are on the $39.99 dropshipping plan with Shopify, you do not need to worry, once your billing cycle ends or before it ends, Open the dropshipping app on Shopify and you will have instructions from Shopify to switch to the current plan of $30.00.

What about those who applied for Vibranium for Shopify but have not yet activated the trial? If you applied for OJMD dropshipping Vibranium for Shopify but have not yet accepted or activated your trial after being approved. You can switch to the $30 plan. As you can see from the screenshot below, Our app is already reflecting the new plan.

This means that anyone joining OJMD from today can already start with the $30 plan. For existing dropshippers who are on the $39.99. Like I said, before your billing ends, you can open the app and you will be asked to move to the new plan.

We hope this new cut will help you save more for your business. Thank you again for Choosing OJMD for your dropshipping business.

Do you have any comments? Please let us know.

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