New Update For OJMD Dropshipping Clients

ojmd in app notification

We are always working every day to improve our systems for our drop shippers. We are in the peak season and transparency and information are really important for every store owner during this time.

We have now launched a new update for our users, This should be visible for all drop shippers already. It is the notifications. The objective of this is to update you on your orders and product status and fulfillment update. In addition to the SMS updates we launched, This will also help you be informed!

How do you see the notifications? It is easily visible. Your dashboard has been modified for this. The notification will be beside the announcement bar. Here is an example:

You can locate the notifications on the left menu as well as the home page dashboard. Here is where you can find the notifications:

We hope this will help us to keep improving our service to you all. Thank you all for trusting OJMD Dropshipping the Philippines.

What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments

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