OJMD Dropshipping Fees & Charges


Dropshipping with OJMD has its charges and understanding these charges will help you figure out if OJMD is for you or not. In this post. We will explain all the possible charges you might see while using OJMD.

  1. Subscription Fee: This fee is the fee that you pay to use the OJMD dropshipping app for Shopify and WooCommerce. Using our app, you can manage your dropshipping business all in one dashboard. Our app will enable you to import products to your store, manage pricing rules, manage your orders, and view your finances. This fee is a monthly recurring fee and it is not refundable. Before paying for this, You may try OJMD for 10 days FREE of charge. Our subscription fee is $39.99 per month. You may cancel your subscription anytime.
  2. Fulfillment / Service Fee: Our fulfillment fee or service fee is also known as the OJMD fee is the fee we charge for processing your orders. This fee is not upfront and you will only be charged once we have processed your orders. This will be deducted from your payout and it is VAT exclusive. Our fulfillment fee is ₱99 per order regardless of the quantity with a max shipping weight of 10kg
  3. 1% Insurance Fee: This is a protection fee against damages to your packages. If a customer receives a damaged package, we will be replacing that item for you with no other costs as long as it is reported to us within 7 days. The insurance also covers defective returns. In a situation where an item returns to our warehouse and it is defective, If you have a new customer with an order of the same item, We will fulfill your order for the new customer who orders the same item but we will not be using the defective returned item. The insurance guarantees that OJMD will ship your new order with a fully functional item, In this case, there will be no product cost charges. – This is applicable for RTS items
  4. Shipping Fee: The shipping fee is not defined by OJMD. In our product listings, we only provide you with average shipping estimates from the couriers. The final fees will be reflected in your SOA [ Statement of account]. The shipping fee will include Other Courier Fees: These are not always there but it depends on the courier we use for your package. Fees in this category include COD fees or other fees. The fee will appear in your SOA if ever. Please keep in mind that this is not consistent. It heavily depends on the courier we use as we are partnered with many couriers
  5. Confirmation Fee: This is an optional fee. Basically right now when you have orders with only 1pc, OJMD will immediately process your orders without confirmation. OJMD will only confirm your orders if the customer ordered more than 1pc in their order. Now, if the client or drop shipper wants OJMD to confirm orders with only 1pc item in it. You will be charged ₱10 per 1pc order confirmed.
  6. Product Cost [Cost Of Goods]: This fee is predefined. This is the cost of the products that you want to dropship. This fee is not upfront as well. You can sell an item without paying for the product cost asap. We will deduct the cost of goods after collecting the payment from your customer. Please take note that the cost of goods is not refundable. If your item returns, Do not worry because we will reuse it for the next available customer and you will not have to pay another fee for that product since you were already charged for the product with the first customer.

*** You will be able to view all your financials from your dashboard in the app once you are logged in.

Following govt guidelines please note that there will be VAT charges on the product cost and fulfillment fee. This will be reflected on your SOA [ Statement of account ].

If you have questions, Please reach out to us or leave a comment.$

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8 Responses

  1. Hi. I’m very much interested. It’s amazing how your group has grown in a short time. Congratulations. Just one quick question. The default payout for Shopify is thru PayPal, if I’m going to use OJMD App does that mean that I have to change my payout scheme to Bank or E-Wallet in the settings?

    1. Yes but it is not because of using OJMD. Philippines #1 mode of payment is Cash on delivery. So you should be able to offer COD if you want to reach the best part of the market. but you can still use Paypal actually. But you pay ojmd first

    1. There is no range. Shipping is estimated. The actual fee is shown after the item has shipped that’s when the actual rate appears

      It is not ALARMING. Even LBC does not have a rate [ Regardless of what they post on their office or published rates ] There is no real-time rate in this country., So we just give an average. Once your finance is ready, you will see your shipping fee

  2. With regards to confirmation fee, if for example I have 6 customers who order 1 pc of an item each. Will OJMD not fulfill those being only 1 pc ?

    1. Hi
      There is no confirmation fee unless you request to confirm all 1pc items. Hence, if you have 6 customers who ordered an item each. The confirmation fee will apply.

      Please note that there is NO CONFIRMATION FEE by default. if item is 1pcs unless you ask to confirm all orders regardless of the quantity.

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