OJMD Dropshipping New Requirement Adjustment


OJMD dropshipping requirement is One of the things needed to dropship with OJMD is completing the dropshipping requirements. We do ask for this for various reasons and one of them is identity theft. We have had issues in our past eCom buddy with people using other people identity to verify their accounts. That is why we have required IDs in our new Vibranium system.

However, we have noticed that 2 Valid IDs can he a hindrance to some who wish to use our services and we totally understand this after receiving your requests and complaints, we have decided to allow new applicants submit their application with only 1 valid ID.

We hope this will ease the process or applying to use OJMD dropshipping services. Hence, starting January 4, 2021. OJMD will now allow applications with only 1 Valid ID.

For more information on our dropshipping requirements, Please see the article: https://dsojmd.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/66000004667


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