OJMD Messenger Dropshipping With No Website

OJMD messenger dropshipping

OJMD plans to open slots for messenger dropshipping for its clients or new clients. What is messenger dropshipping?. Until now, OJMD drop shippers or those who desire to dropship using OJMD services will have to meet the requirements and one of them is having an online store.

However, we are moving to change that option by introducing what we call “messenger dropshipping”. This is going to allow people to dropship OJMD’s products using just their Fb page, Messenger, and Shopify’s buy button. The messenger dropshipping requires you to have a Shopify account but does not require you to have a domain or even an online store, So you do not have to worry about designing an online store.

The drop shippers are still required to create a Shopify account at a discounted subscription of only $9 a month. This plan is not available on Philippine plans, OJMD will provide the guide on how to get the discounted plans. After you have signed up for the Shopify plan for only $9 a month, You may install the OJMD app and start importing products. Once you are done and set your prices, You can run ads on messenger. You will not have a website hence there is no place to display your products.

You will be able to use the OJMD dropshipping Vibranium to fulfill your orders automatically, Tracking numbers provided, and everything Shopify subscribers enjoy. Do you want to dropship without having a website? You can join the waitlist by following this link: https://bit.ly/FBMessagingDS. The Messenger No website dropshipping plans will be given to those who have experience or a little bit of knowledge on Messenger ads.

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