Updating Pricing Rules On Imported Items


The pricing rule is one of the exciting features of the OJMD dropshipping vibranium 3.0 system and we all love it. It gives you the opportunity to price your products accordingly and set your own margins! You can even add shipping fees to your pricing rules. Totally exciting.

However, we tend to change our pricing sometimes and this is totally normal. But the question is, what happens to the products that I have already imported? This is why I am writing this.

We now have a pricing rule update feature that will let you do this. Once you have set your rules and you happen to change it in the future, you can update your rules for products in import list as well as those you have imported on Shopify. How do you do this?

First, Open your app and go to the pricing rule settings. Once you are there, you can change a rule or change the price margins and click on update. See screenshot below:

After you have edited your rules, You can click on the update button at the top right of the screen and a pop up will show up. See screenshot below

The pop up will confirm with you what you want to update. If you want to update only those in import list. You can choose the option. But if you want to update everything, including products you imported before and in you store. You can choose the update all option!

That’s all about it guys! If you have questions do leave them in the comment section.

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