Shopify PH Activates Province Field On Checkout


This is likely what most of us have been waiting for! Province, barangay, city! The discussion has been going on in the Shopify partner community and as of October 28, 2020. The feature is now available. But, do not be so happy. Here is why.

First, we love this feature because it makes it easy for checkout and especially in the Philippines it will so much help with wrong addresses and location and with this feature, it will help lower RTS and wrong deliveries. I totally love the display on Checkout. But do not be so much happy, At least for now.

Before this, how do PH entrepreneurs manage to collect province details? What we do is to edit the “company” field to “province” this is how we usually collect provincial information from the customers. Now that the dropdown is here it makes things easy and causes a little bit of confusion. How?. When your customer places an order and chooses METRO MANILA for example, On your Shopify dashboard it appears as PH-000, Cebu appears as PH-CEB. This can cause confusion for you when shipping your orders.

Lastly, we love the province dropdown but the downside remains with Shopify checkout is that it is still a 3 step checkout. Customer information > shipping > payment. This will still be a hassle. Another thing is that even with the availability of provinces, We are not given the option to choose our delivery zones in terms of provinces. We all have ODZ and since there is no option to edit this. The ODZ problem still remains.

On the bright side, this new update will help with faster order placement with no doubt but barangay and city are not available yet. We expect this to be available in the coming years or months.

So how do you activate this? You dont need to do anything. It is automatically activated on all Shopify stores having Philippines in their Shipping zone.

What about you? Do you love the new update?

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